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whenever you draw ad's face at like an upward angle it blows me away like. woah. jawline. i like. a jawline shouldn't make me feel that way but it does and i must thank you for that. along with just like idk little goobert faces that he does its just i thank everything that you decided to make that character bc he's so silly and adorable so yee. ad appreciation ask basically

HAHA….thank you??? THANK YOU!!! i am so glad some people like my Original Characters. it makes sharing a lot more fun!! i appreciate you takin the time out to write out somethin nice for lil ol me!!! ya made me smile!!

commish 4 darling jackie

commish 4 darling jackie

i always get extremely nervous when in one of your drawings ad or liesle or both are looking directly at the viewer because when they are they're usually really angry and i just kinda like freak like i dUN GOOFED I DUN GOOFED THEYRE GONNA GET ME BC I GOOFED and just yea v.v tbh tho if i could bring any fictional characters to life it would be them because heck yea they're beautiful and just the ultimate cuties

HAHAH…yeah…true… but lol thank you!!!! that brings me much joy!!!Β πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ’–

sk8 or die

if you dont mind me asking, where do you work??

warner brothas!Β 



i cant believe you're lying to people about your icon its not even from pajama sam its from my ass

youre right you got me

everyone, ryann took a shit and then i made it my icon

you have to

not today…

eat it


eat my ass

holy shit

Is that the donut from pajama Sam???

YESssssssssssssss i think i am gonna have to write an faq abt this donutΒ 

where has vance been

he’s taking a long nap

takes a break from work by drawin characters i have to draw for work anyway ??

takes a break from work by drawin characters i have to draw for work anyway ??

commissions! these were super fun characters to draw!!

fooor discussion-yamada!